• Off-White Powder
  • Sold as: Diclazepam
  • ID: 8441
Sold as: Diclazepam
Expected to be: Diclazepam
Lab comments:
Identified as 4'-Chlorodiazepam by library match.
Diclazepam (2'-Chlorodiazepam) ruled out.
Off-white powder in baggie.

Sender comments that prior to sending this in, 'Reagent testing yielded unexpected results.'
May 14: 2020: Sample was re-analyzed and compared to the standard for the more common 2'-Chlorodiazepam (Diclazepam), which has a very similar mass spectrum, different ion ratio and slightly different retention time.
Result: Diclazepam has been ruled out.

May 10 2020: This sample will be re-analyzed once a reference standard has been ordered and the lab receives it. Check back here for an update in a few weeks.