• O-PCE (2'-Oxo-PCE)
  • Sold as: O-PCE
  • ID: 7539
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GC/MS Graph
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: O-PCE
Expected to be: 3-HO-PCE
Lab comments:
UPDATE: confirmed as containing only 3-hydroxy-PCE. This is the Unidentified-2 peak. Unidentified-1 peak is a degradation peak of 3-HO-PCE.
White powder in capsule.
August 6, 2019: Identification has been revised to 3-HO-PCE following re-test after receipt of reference standard.

July 25, 2019: The 'Expected to be' answer above has been updated from the sender's original response of 'Inactive/contaminated' to their revised response of '3-HO-PCE'. A reference standard is available for 3-HO-PCE and has been ordered. This sample will be re-analyzed once the lab receives the reference standard for 3-HO-PCE. Please check back in 14-21 days.