• Oxycontin (OP 80)
  • (Not Sold As Ecstasy)
  • ID: 6089
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Sold as: Not Specified
Expected to be: Not Specified
Lab comments:
These tablets were NOT analyzed by EcstasyData's lab. They were announced by Swedish police in Feb 2017 and are included in EcstasyData's database for informational purposes.
Summary from Swedish police report:

Since November [2017], police have seized fake tablets similar to Xanax bars or Oxycontin, most in Stockholm, but also in Malmö. When the tablets have been analyzed, they have been shown to contain cyclopropyl fentanyl and cyclopentyl fentanyl. The seizures of the tablets say nothing about where they were purchased.

OP 80 tablets were seized in northwest Skåne in December 2017.