• Red Monkey (Paul Frank 5B6PI)
  • Sold as: Ecstasy
  • ID: 3496
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GC/MS Graph
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Sold as: Ecstasy
Expected to be: Unknown
Submitter : Sold as Ecstasy, with the name Red Monkey, expected to be unknown but hopefully MDMA.

EcstasyData: Sample contains caffeine and an unidentified compound, with three times as much as caffeine as the unknown.
Unidentified: GC: 12.296 min Major Mass Peaks: 214.0, 147.0, 185.0, 256.1, 299.1
Initial guess from Erowid Expert Network was Benocyclidine, though there were arguments against the match. Using a reference standard from Cayman, the identification was confirmed on Mach 9, 2015 when the lab compared the standard against the sample.