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  • Bart Simpson
  • ID: 1793
Result Photo
The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation (Richfield, Ohio) recently received 15 red tablets, suspected Ecstasy (see Photo 4). The tablets were seized by the Seneca County Drug Task Force in Tiffin, Ohio (seizure details not provided). The tablets were inside a plastic bag and were shaped like a 'Bart Simpson' face. The tablets resembled children's chewable vitamins in size and shape. Analysis of the tablets (total net mass 4.3 grams) by GC/FID and GC/MS identified not MDMA, but rather BZP, TFMPP, and dextromethorphan (not quantitated). The laboratory has received numerous submissions of tablets containing BZP/TFMPP mixtures, but this was the first submission of Ecstasy or Ecstasy-mimic tablets with this shape and logo to the laboratory.